INTRO-Line Doctor-Blade

INTRO-Line Doctor Blade help maintain your printing quality 

Protection of your investment  
"INTRO-Line" is the covering brand name for the Doctor Blade delivery programme of VON ARX ENGINEERING+CO. AG.
The close cooperation between VON ARX ENGINEERING and the material supplier guarantees a Doctor Blade Quality of highest purity and perfect evenness. The continuous exchange of information leads to innovations, which are to the benefit of the end users.

For example: The longer service life, of INTRO-Line Quality Doctor Blades. Their availability is a contribution to the protection of your investment in cylinders and printing presses.

Our continuous quality assurance - the key to perfect printing results  
Your requirement for maximum reliability and precision, long service life and reliable delivery will be fulfilled at 100% - this stands the name of VON ARX ENGINEERING for. Our product quality is assured by stringent raw material and end product control, as well as by the custom made production machines, designed by VON ARX ENGINEERING+CO. AG. 

Individual solutions according to requirement  
We keep stock of more than 40 different sizes at your disposal. We deliver exactly the INTRO-Line Doctor Blade specification required your printing order.

Our delivery programme:

  • INTRO-Line-Quality Doctor-Blade for rotogravure printing
  • INTRO-Line-Quality Doctor Blade for flexo printing
  • Doctor Blade for various coating jobs
  • Supporting blades for all Doctor Blade




Your benefits with INTRO-Line Quality Doctor Blades

  • INTRO-Line  Quality Doctor Blade are high precision blades. They guarantee you even printing results constantly
  • INTRO-Line  Quality Doctor Blade have a longer service life
  • The constant and low pressure setting increases the life of the Doctor Blade and the cylinder
  • INTRO-Line  Quality Doctor Blade - with constant key properties: straightness, thickness and flatness
  • INTRO-Line  Quality Doctor Blade are versatile and used in rotogravure-, flexo-, publication- and for offset printing applications

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